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  1. I guess I should be commenting on your latest blog, but the “Test Mail” seemed more appropriate. I know that you wonder who is reading your blog and if what you come up with makes any difference. David is home. The State of Georgia kept him institutionalized nearly two years. They finally gave him an “excellent” mental health assessment and sent him home. I have been trying to get him to set down and read some of the mental health blogs and work on his own blog, but he has been too manic. They sent him home with clonidine 0.1 mg tablets (catapres) which he takes 2 times per day and trazodone 50 mg tab (desirel) which he is also supposed to take 2 times per day, but has refused to take since he came home. He had instructions to go to the Social Security office for an SSI evaluation and we did this as soon as we could. He was supposed to see the psychiatrist that has been working with him this past Monday. The psychiatrist’s office called and cancelled, saying they will reschedule and call back. I read you blog, because you have gone through nearly everything that David has gone through and whether you give yourself credit or not, I think you are a highly successful person. Hang in there and keep your blog going. You are a very significant person.


    1. I am glad to hear that your son is home. I can understand his unwillingness to take the medication they sent him home with. They both have side effects that make you very drowsy and groggy and, generally just feel “out of it.”

      I, too, have had my psychiatrist’s office cancel an appointment once, and only once. I happened to be in crisis when that happened and I called them every 10 minutes or so to see if somebody, anybody could see me that day. I had been very depressed and manic for about three weeks at that time, and cancelling the appointment was not an option for me. So, I bugged the living hell (pardon me) out of them. I would call the psychiatrist’s office, tell them your son is refusing medication, and that he needs to be seen ASAP. I have discovered in my journey’s with mental issues that sometimes you have to go on the offensive with the doctor’s offices and demand that you get an appointment. Or, look for a different doctor that is on your plan, and run a few names by your PCP to see what they think about them.

      If he has worked at all, you should also look into SSDI which is the Disability Insurance which frequently pays much more than SSI, and he may qualify for both.Be prepared to be turned down the first time, and apply again until they give it to you.

      What finally helped my mania (and to some extent my depression) were atypical anti-psychotics. I ran through the gambit of anti-epileptics, the traditional mood stabilizers, Lithium and Depakote (never going back there). I finally “stabilized” on Abilify and Seroquel, an anti-anxiety medication which really helps the mania and associated anxiety, and having ADD (inattentive type), Adderall. At one point, I was on seven medications. I didn’t know which way was up:) I was finally hospitalized in January of 2008, and the Doctor on call was a genius with medication. He took me off every thing I was on, and put me on the Abilify and the Seroquel (which knocks me out, some people don’t have this effect, but as I didn’t sleep much, it was a godsend). Some people have a hard time with these medications, but they worked wonders for me.

      Thank you for continuing to read my blog. I have been absent from it for too long, I think. And, I truly appreciate and am humbled by your kind words. There have been far too many times that I have felt very unsuccessful, and not terribly significant. I feel grateful that you, as a parent of a child with mental issues, would think that and put words to “paper” expressing your feelings. I will continue my blog. In fact, I have a post in mind about how to deal with extreme disappointment without losing every bit of hard won progress.


      1. I can’t sit still for one second before I have to get up again. I want to do everything besides getting one thing accomplished. Thank for your comments. I am glad someone understands D…… Thanks. We are waiting, rather impatiently for Social Security Administration to make a determination. The “Specialist” we talked with said it could take up to 3 months before we hear anything. Will see what they say. Last time it was “get a job”. I don’t think we would have gone through all the problems we went through if they had approved his application the first or second time we tried. Hopefully we can get some help this time as his state medical records should be more convincing (if they are honest and open – not the case when he was suicidal and spent three days in the Savannah Mental Hospital). The only psychiatrist that he can currently see only comes to our city two days a week (Monday and Tuesday) and has a heavy case load. Will begin bugging them for an appointment Monday. Really appreciate your comments. Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 21:13:28 +0000 To: stewpowellh@msn.com


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