I Have Realized Something That I Have Always Known

………. but refused to truly recognize until this weekend. Some acquaintances of mine were married this weekend, and it is obvious from the photographs (especially the ones taken when they were not looking) that they love each other dearly and completely. My ex-husband never loved me that way no matter what I did. It is currently breaking my heart thinking that I may never find that kind of love. But, I hold out hope everyday that I will meet someone who will love me just as I am (warts and all).  I wasted nearly five years of my life on someone who couldn’t love me back. It saddens me. 

2 thoughts on “I Have Realized Something That I Have Always Known

  1. You can’t recognise something unless you know what it is. The fact is you know love when you see it meaning that you know love. It really doesn’t matter how but somewhere in your life you have experienced love and I think that this blog reveals that every day. You have a strong feeling that love is something that is meant to be, is possible, is, like breathing. Relationships are work but love is natural. Keep on loving, you are doing it well. Your heart is not so much broken but aching to be exercised so exercise it every way you can. Treat yourself the way you would treat your fondest love, delight in your existence.


  2. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I think you are right when you say you can’t know something unless you’ve experienced it. I was unfortunate this last time around in that I was not loved in the way I had come to know love. I have experienced love that is complete and total a couple of times. Maybe that is why my heart hurts; I know what love is supposed to be, and I guess the lesson was to learn what it is not so I will recognize it the next time around in whatever form it takes.


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