I Am Tired…..

of pretending that I am stronger than I actually am

of not showing how much pain I am really in

of not showing the tears I cry every early morning when I wake up one more time and lie my way through another day

I am just tired.

12 thoughts on “I Am Tired…..

  1. Sorry you’re feeling so tired/low right now. Have you spoken to your doc about this? Hope you have a good doc who understands.

    Take care


    1. Thank you. I do have good docs….they just can’t be here 24/7. Mostly, I am tired of him playing the “blame game”. If you heard him, I would also be part of the Nixon scandal in 1971-73. I was about 2 at the most when that happened or he would swear the sky is yellow when it is clearly not. I am getting really sick of the games. I am not a participant in such behavior; if you start to do anything argumentative for the sake of being starting an unnecessary fight, I will turn and walk away. I won’t play games.


        1. No, my docs are fine. It is the husband that I am divorcing and having to live with while apartment hunt and pack that’s the problem. At first he was okay, but now he is becoming belligerent and wanting to pick fights which I am not going to participate in. It’s really getting to me emotionally and physically. I have never had a less than amicable split from anyone. All my exes (most of them) are still very good friends of mine. But, i think it will not be the case with him.


      1. Aaahh ok, I get you now.

        Sorry, that must be a very awkward situation you’re in right now. Hope it resolves quickly for you.

        Take care


          1. Hi, I thought I should let you about a problem on your blog when I use my PC…

            Whenever I click onto your blog I get referred toa google chrome page saying ‘Danger: Malware Ahead’ it goes on to say your blog page is a known malware distributed blah blah.

            You may want to get in touch with WordPress and see if they can fix for you. I’m currently using my iPad, where I don’t seem to get any problems.


          2. I have been seeing that for a long time, but nothing seems to be affecting my system as a whole. That’s a good idea to get in touch with WordPress. I will check it out, and try to figure out how to scan a Linux system for viruses:)


          3. Problem fixed. Apparently on of my widgets had HTML code in it that Chrome was recognizing as malware. So, I removed the offending widget, and closed my browser and tried accessing my blog. No redirect notice! Thanks for making me look harder at that :)


        1. That would be cool. I have been posting, but since I just breezed through the message, it didn’t occur to me that might be hindering people from reading. I am the Master of the Obvious:)


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