Another Rant About The Social Stigma Of Mental Illness

Social Stigma
Social Stigma (Photo credit: sea turtle)

What’s on my mind? Hmmm….. maybe wishing that society would wake up and realize that mental health issues are real and are just like physical health issues. I get so sick of the stigma surrounding mental health. I have a chart that is 3 inches thick with observations, prescriptions, and other related notes. I have no problem with that. I have Bipolar Disorder, I have PTSD, I have panic attacks, I have days when I cannot leave my house. Has it limited my life? Yes, in some ways, but in others, it has caused me to take a good look at what is important to me, it has caused me to get help, and work on the issues that I have that prevent me from being truly and indestructibly happy.

Having Manic Depression has led me from one extreme to another, but that is okay as long as I learn from it. I have found a spiritual stronghold in Nichiren Buddhism because I have Manic Depression. I don’t view it as stigmatizing, I view it as a daily challenge to be overcome. People do not get all weird if you have a heart condition, so what the hell is it about mental health that everyone shies away from? You cannot be truly healthy unless you treat the body, the soul, and the mind.

If everyone in this country would take a look at the DSM (the manual used to diagnose mental illnesses) and realize that it is about 3 inches thick, that means there are a lot of people out there with mental issues. So what is the big deal? Get treatment, get better, get as well as you can, and just live your life. Don’t use it as an excuse to act out and harm others and/or yourself. Recognize that it is a facet of who you are, and treat it. Treat it with your body, your mind, and your soul. Find a good therapist that specializes in your illness, find a good psychiatrist for medication if necessary, and by all means, find a spiritual path that will ground you and balance you. And if you do not have access to private care, apply for public assistance. Help is out there, you just have to seek it out sometimes. It sure as hell isn’t going to come to you because people want to believe in a Utopian society where everything is just so. Don’t rock the boat, maintain the status quo, and above all, do not be mentally different (insert sarcasm here).

I just get so frustrated with society’s reaction to mental health, because I just do not get it. A person is not defined by their mental or physical health, they are defined by how they treat others, how they respect other people, and by their compassion for others. People do not say, “I am diabetes,” they say “I have diabetes,” or whatever it is. I am not defined by Manic Depression. It is one facet of who I am,yes, but it is not all that I am. Not by a long shot.

So, people, it is time that the stigma associated with mental illness stops. It prevents people from getting treatment, it prevents proper diagnoses, it prevents them from living as normally as they are able.

Sorry for the tirade, but the reports are coming in that the man who is responsible for the atrocious acts of yesterday morning possibly “has” a personality disorder. Of course it would have to be a mental health issue because no “sane” person would have done that. And, that is probably true, but the first thing they talk about is mental status. And, all that does is continue the stigma which prevents people from seeking treatment because they do not want to be labeled as crazy. I have a 3 inch chart that proves I am nuts. I do not care. I have been weird since birth.

So, I and many others are “different,” big deal. As long as you can see how your behavior affects those around you, and those who care about you, and learn from trying to put yourself in the role of the “other,” what is the problem with being a bit off?   Just do NOT use it as an excuse. View it for what it is, and that is a challenge to be the best strange person you can be. People, even mentally ill people, are worthy of respect, compassion, and the right to be treated humanely. 

8 thoughts on “Another Rant About The Social Stigma Of Mental Illness

  1. If Bi-Polar is all they could come up with be proud. The criminally insane on top with worse had to have the rest mentally ill and would not stop until they did. The control freak at the top using the only big pool of money they could get,the tax pool, turning the rest into their selves by mental health judgement.

    This is something the logical mind has had to fight on a daily basis for generations now. The human eye on the top WAS bad. Now what will come down is logical thinking. This is happening now at the top levels and will continue until real insanity stops.

    Depressed because all around you is going to hell due to things are never what the appear to be? With all the voting and legislation it all gets worse? Well the failed vote is going out. Legislation was nothing but paper to begin with. Self choice direct medical and benefits is coming bypassing legislation. Hang in there. It will happen for you soon too.


    1. I have been Bipolar for over 20 years. And, yes, I could have been worse off. What just really pisses me off is how every evil action taken by a person is assumed to be that of someone with a mental illness. Now I am not discounting that there are people who are truly criminally and non-criminally insane; they have broken with reality. I fortunately have only had a few psychotic breaks, but I am not violent by nature. I am kind of a happy psychotic most of the time, but I also make sure that I do not have ready access to weapons because I do know how to use them, and I am not a bad shot :)


      1. I’m a good shot too. But mental illness defense is one of the insane’s biggest excuses. The criminally insane do not care about anything but continuing their insanity.

        The insane that do shot that gun off will all die soon. Judicial catch up is coming to defend all your arguments for the insane to abuse too.

        Sure you are mentally ill or are you believing the insane? Are you reacting to it all or mentally ill yourself? The testing may simply not like the way you react to it all rather then actually being mentally ill yourself. The insane at the top controls those tests fro all too. Excuse me, did.They are being prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


        1. No, I am pretty sure that I have Bipolar Disorder. Why else would I be up at 3 am when I have had less than 7 hours of sleep in 3 days? It is called a manic episode. I am also fairly certain that I am not reacting to anything that has happened in the news recently because I make a conscious choice to watch or read the news until I feel I have enough information.


          1. That sounds more like insomnia then bi Polar. This can be caused by simple depression, anxiety. etc. Maybe just excessive worry. A manic episode is you can’t do something you would normally do. That is not insomnia. Lack of sleep has many causes and is not abnormal enough to call manic.

            I don’t sleep for several reasons at times but very much aware of why I do. No doctor can really make this diagnosis this for you.

            So becoming self aware of emotions is the answer here. Do you loose sleep because you worry or fear? Either one does not make it an unusual thing to do.

            Think better of yourself and your obviously good decisions making skills. Give yourself credit for all the good things you do until the insomnia is cured.

            My vocational testing said I should be a police officer years ago to. Well my new job next year is better. Being a police officer is a scrape of the ability to eliminate the need for police officers.

            Since not a police officer, stop dwelling on that fact of just not being one, not why. You are selling your skills short. You have good decision making skills and they can be put to use in other things. If the males want to to be responsible for the police brutality then let them until they are fully prosecuted. They are right now.

            What about being a shooting instructor? Have you tried? Try it. Can’t hurt. Plenty of indoor and outdoor ranges. Maybe even a gun safety instructor. No lack of that need.


          2. Naw, I am Bipolar, just ask anyone who knows me well. I do know why I am awake though. I also have ADD, and take Adderall for it, and it keeps me awake.

            I have a very good working knowledge of depression. I spent my teens that way, but at this point,I have exhibited full blown manic behavior as well. I am not particularly worried or anxious about anything so I think it is the Adderall.

            I have never thought about being a gun safety teacher before. I have been told I would be good with juvenile offenders.


  2. SO in this post you don’t think a person that shoots innocents has a personality disorder. Because with men they are personality disorders and women the are mentally ill. Welcome to life, very few have a problem without claiming some mental illness.

    Adult emotional immaturity, people the top, mostly men not seeing they have been criminally abusing those below. Abused becoming the abuser they know they didn’t like the abuse they received to begin with. People that say Society, you owe me for failing. There are mental health issues left everywhere. They are mental illness that require cure not just the band-aid of medication.

    A saying of mine: “We run to the kitchen for that band-aid when we cut ourselves. But cut our emotions and we do nothing.” It is criminally stupid. At present I am dealing with 2 looser men that refuse to stop stalking me and getting cruel and unusual punishment to use against me. One I divorced and the other couldn’t get a third hour and date with me. SO they find ways to torture me for their hurt. These are adults in their 40’s with masters degrees. Both life sentences facing execution for how they are. When their time comes, to me they are not worth another second thought for forcing themselves on me. Their pain is their own and I refuse to own it too. They are not worth any more pain or time on their pain. They have forced it on me long enough. Too long. This process is a mental health issue. It is called closure. I do this very well.

    Does the female have power over all these insane males that justify what they are doing and leaving behind. Yes. In the past the women asked for equal opportunity when they should have asked for equal mental health cure. With that the other would have just followed. It is the insane that does discriminate.

    So do you have power? Will you live as a contributing member of society? DO you want to kill another human life or just looking to write a novel? Feeling out of control, just how far would you go? The men were out of control. When the New World Power, that is a woman, comes to your door prosecuting all the men and woman as terrorists to all systems, what will your answer be? Will you be vindictive enough to hurt another? Will you be strong enough to say, they got what they had coming to them. Now it’s time to put my life together and consecrate on me. Will you close well too?

    Time to think about what it will be. This is going on all around you. The ones that answered the first way, are being executed with them, The abused becoming the abuser. Death as a terrorist is nothing to join. Will you see how serious it is being addressed when the time comes for you to know? Will gender discrimination, your own lead you to a path that should have been taken very seriously?

    When The New World Power, a woman, hands you what you have earned, what will you do with it? Better then just a living situation and another medication, will you the abused become the abuser? A victim of hate in a prejudice? Will it be enough? This are very serious questions all have to answer now. The World Power is demanding it. A person being different will not be an acceptable excuse. Mentally ill, personality disorder, BLAH blah blah the question is the same for all regardless how you put it.

    Your time to own control over your life is coming too. Don’t loose it kike so many are. You are doing very well.


    1. ….. “We run to the kitchen for that band-aid when we cut ourselves. But cut our emotions and we do nothing.”……..

      I like this very much because it is true. When we see the sight of physical blood, we do put a band-aid on it, but we ignore our emotional health as well as our spiritual health.

      And, yes, I can see how medication could be viewed as a band-aid of sorts. All it really does is control symptoms of the underlying disease. So, I believe that a combination of Behavioral Cognitive talk therapy in conjunction with medication is effective in treating both the symptom AND the cause…..

      ……Your time to own control over your life is coming too. Don’t loose it kike so many are……….

      Through 9.5 years of therapy and the use of medication, I have become in charge of my own life. Through working out some of the bleeding internal wounds, I have accessed part of the “cause” of my mental health status, but there is so much more work to do before I can say that I am in complete control of both my life and my illness.

      It is my belief that mental illness or lack of mental illness should never be used as an excuse for anything unless a person is so badly unbalanced and internally injured that they apparently have no choices left available to them. For most, there is help, and to use mental health as an excuse for anything, especially violence, is climbing a slippery slope. This is just my opinion….


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