Divine ‘Rapier’

That’s more than I can bite off and chew. When did we return to the cave man era? Ummm, hello Mr. Akin, I don’t know what planet you are from but here, on earth, women have certain rights. Especially in this country and many others like it. Please, do explain what a “legitimate” rape is? You know you’ve killed your political career. Time to go find one of those jobs you’ve been promising for what about 2 years now. Good Luck, Mr. Akin.

The Mind of RD REVILO

  • During The Last Election
  • I didn’t Realize that certain Females
  • Had lost their civil protection
  • Two U.S. Senate candidates,
  • Indiana’s Richard Murdock and
  • Missouri’s Todd Akin
  • Both Republican
  • Mr. Mourdock claims,
  • While he was campaign rapping
  • That rape pregnancies,
  • God intended to happen
  • According to Mr. Akin
  • Pregnancies don’t occur
  • From ‘legitimate‘ rape
  • Now that’s food for thought
  • Goes against everything I was taught
  • Then again, I can see their point
  • What threatens their current situation
  • Is this uncontrolled, accelerating, miscegenation
  • Their voters, mostly white, are older
  • And dyingfrom sight
  • And, with this Nation’s integration
  • More white Mommas are having baby Obamas
  • So their main constituents, who look like them
  • Are dwindling down into the minority
  • Their chance of appealing to the new majority, slim
  • Withoutapartheid, separation or segregation
  • Guess that’s why they chose a Mormon
  • And His polygamist Religion
  • As their top Republican
  • To represent them
  • I…

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