Waking Up On Seroquel……

is like being clubbed with a small rubber mallet. Your head hurts slightly, your legs don’t want to work, and you stumble into things like the wall that just moved. It is amazing how many things become animate when you are trying to walk while still asleep on this stuff, plants, walls, doorways, all kinds of stuff. Seriously, though, even though this is one whopper of an atypical anti-psychotic, it has been my “magic pill.”

I learned the hard way that I am not supposed to mess around with this medication. It started as a gentle slide, the slope so ¬†miniscule that I could not even see the train wreck that was coming. It is notorious for helping people gain weight as well as controlling mania. So, my doctor and I dropped the dose from 600 mg at night to 400 mg at night, and added Adderall to my daily regimen of medications (I do actually have ADD, so Adderall wasn’t an arbitrary addition to help me lose weight.) Adderall, on the other hand, taken with a cup of joe, will wake you up faster that being smacked upside the face with the same rubber mallet. Anyway , thus began the slow, ever so slow descent in the rabbit hole otherwise known as major depressive episode, madness whatever you wan to call it, and I ended up in bed for a week not bathing, not eating, and a big one for me, not washing my hair. I have this thing about clean hair. I have given my self excruciating headaches washinc it in mountain rivers. It was the not washing my hair that clued me into what had happened; depression had snuck on me. Another thing you apparently can’t do without caffeine while hungover from Seroquel is type. At any rate, that depression landed me in the hospital for a week with a bunch of other people some of whom had much worse problems than I hope to ever have. More coffee….

Okay, have more coffee, yea! Once the doctors raised the Seroquel back to its normal 600 mg, I had no more problems except we increased the Adderall. Adderall is speed. For some reason people with ADD respond differently to stimulants than their normal counterparts. Back to Seoquel and the little mallet. Seroquel seems to have eproved to something of a wonder drug for those in the Bipolar community, it can stop a mania that is happening, and it can prevent occurrences of mania. If it were for those shifting objects, and the little rubber mallet, i would agree. But, seriously, it has far fewer side effects than anything I have been prescribed.

3 thoughts on “Waking Up On Seroquel……

  1. I know about the unwashed hair, and I had a short and very toxic run-in with Seroquel that was given to me for sleep. Horrible stuff, great sleep.


    1. Yeah, I have to admit that waking up on the stuff is horrible. Walls literally move and you run into everything, but you sleep like a baby,


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