I Apparently Missed My Blog’s Birthday

I was just checking out the settings function on WordPress. There was a category for “trophies”. Now, I know I have had people nominate me for blog awards, but trophies? So, I checked it out. My blog turned a year old on Halloween, 2013. That seems rather fitting somehow. Scary, but fitting. My blog is but a toddler in a field of giants. So, a belated Happy Birthday (Halloween) to my little blog.

Thank you to the people who have read my rants, my raves, my more “clinical” and dry posts (research has always been high on my list of things to do), and have commented and made me think over the past year and a half! I would also like to thank those who do not follow my blog, but I have had occasion to read theirs. I get beauty, opinions, reality checks, and more from the bloggers here.

Everyone is an artist in their own right be it through poetry, prose, narration, or various other artistic endeavors. Everyone has something to teach and something to learn. You just have to listen with an open heart and an open mind.

Happy Birthday to my little Rabbit Hole….. the only place where I can always be myself.

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  1. Happy Birthday dear one, sneak peak out of the rabbit hole now and then …you are amazing!!

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    • Thank you! I come out. I am kind of like a groundhog, I peak out, wiggle my nose, and decide whether to come out or stay in……and thank you for thinking that I could be amazing :)

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  2. Bonne FĂȘte and congrtulations! Now where might you be on this juorney of yours? I can say you have taken some folks along for the company and helped more than you know. Blessings, my friend. Pat yourself on the back for consistency for to blog regularly takes dicipline and of course a love for writing doesn`t hurt. And you write very well, indeed. Namaste, Oliana

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  3. Happy Birthday to your excellent blog. CCongratulations, one year is actually old in blog years.

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    • Thank you! I guess one year is old in blog years. I have seen many just go for 2 or 3 months and then disappear. Still feel like a toddler among giants, though :-)

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