Mad Morning Hair

English: Albert Einstein Français : Portrait d...

English: Albert Einstein Français : Portrait d’Albert Einstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia) ~ This is how mad hair looked this morning.

So, I decided about a month ago that I was going to cut my hair. Yesterday was the big day. I spent two weeks poring over pictures of short, short hair (decided my face shape was wrong), medium short hair, and medium length hair. I decided to go with medium short. I figured it wouldn’t be such a big change that I would freak out and not do it. Please understand my hair was about 4″ from my waist. It had been that way for quite a while. So, the stylist put it into a ponytail and lopped it off. I plan to donate the length to a charity that makes wigs for women going through cancer treatment. It is really underestimated how much that really matters. If you ask, say, 20 women what their best feature is, you’ll get eyes and hair. I know it was my safety blanket, as well as, being one of my top two best features: eyes and hair. But, it is gone. I keep running my fingers through it, and my fingers keep going long after my hair ends. I have no where to hide now. 

Now, yesterday when I left the salon, it was super cute, but I suspected that it be so in the morning. OMG! I highly underestimated what it would look like after a rough 9 hours of sleep. I looked like Einstein when I woke up this morning. Now, if I was Einstein, I would be too concerned about my lofty and genius theories about everything to care. However, I am not Einstein. I am not a genius. I do not spend my day in lofty thought, okay, maybe that is not quite true. I spend a good part of my day dreaming about all manner of things. But, certainly not theories of relativity and time-travel as Einstein was wont to do. So, I figured, I would brush it, and that would solve the problem. Noooo….. It is clear to me that the only thing that will help is water, shampoo, conditioner, styling products and a blowdryer. What have I done? When my hair was long, my only concern was that it was dry when I went out otherwise the ends would freeze. That was pretty do-able. Since I am relatively inept at styling hair, this should be a challenge. It is not a medium bob, it is now a short bob. If I smoothed all the layers down, I would resemble a 20′s flapper. Hhmmmpphhh.

Well, a haircut was what I wanted for Christmas (sometimes, as you get older, Christmas becomes about what you need), and it was sorely needed. A haircut is what I got. I am in day one with new hair shock. I feel like Bridget Jones! Well, time to go wash new hair or lack thereof, and see if I can manage to style it. This is going to be an adventure!

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  1. You are so a girl! (Well, of the mature variety.) This post put a smile on my face. I suspect that once you’ve figured out the new do, you’ll have it looking better than the stylist had.

    Plus it was for a great cause, and hair always grows back. No doubt you’ve helped make someone’s Christmas in the process. Good for you.

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    • I hope so……I honestly looked like that photograph……but I didn’t invent E=mc^2. That would have made it better. Glad I made you smile :)

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  2. As a man, I’m grateful that baldness has been in over the past few years. “I’m not losing my hair, I’m just staying in fashion.

    Almost everyone goes into some type of remorse after a major hair change. I’ sure you’ll adapt quickly.

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    • They say it takes about 3-4 days to get used to a drastic change in hair. I like it; it is just quite mad in the morning!

      You are lucky to be a guy!

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  3. Oh dear !! I so can relate!! I have never had the patience to let my hair grow very long until I was 40. I’ve cut them short twice and Yes, it is more work than long hair. But it is grand that you donated your hair. I have a friend who does it every year. And a buddy who cut his hair last year…it was long enough to make 3 wigs:) Cool! Happy Christmas, my dear…you wanted a change and that’s cool. I am the daughter of a hairdresser, so I so get it!!

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    • Yep, I wanted a change so I got one……hair is completely mad again this a.m. but not as shocking :) Your friend must have had a lot of hair to make three wigs!

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